Providing Space

Creating Connection

Investing in Our Community


The Edge Business Center, a dream and local investment venture, was conceived in early 2018 following the successful purchase of the 1100 Our Lady’s Way property by Will and Kristie Patterson. The Patterson’s embarked on a journey to see the last of the 3 Ashland Oil, Inc buildings left vacant become a vibrant place of business once again!

A merger of Ashland Oil, Inc. and Marathon Oil in 1998 resulted in the move of the newly consolidated company’s corporate headquarters from Ashland to Northern Kentucky and the eventual sale of all local Ashland Oil, Inc. assets. The Ashland Oil Inc. Service Office building at 1100 Our Lady’s Way was the last to go and had remained unoccupied for nearly 20 years.

Despite all the years of nonuse, the building had remained structurally sound but by the time W&K Patterson LLC took possession, it was in need of extensive revitalization and upgrading. Uncertainty surrounded exactly what would be found when renovation began and what the financial risk and the long-term commitment such a project would require. However, W&K Patterson made the decision to seize the opportunity to move forward. The goal was simple- reestablish this impressive building to its original purpose of serving as a place of thriving business and local employment in our community.

Providing Space, Creating Connection and Investing in Our Community is more than just a slogan to the Patterson family. The plans of restoring this building to its former status as a center for business, symbol of prestige, pride, usefulness and jobs for our local area is personal to them. This iconic and beautiful structure, its history and its grounds is the Patterson’s way of reinvesting and restoring hope to a community they call home. A proud past was established here, a bright future is in the making!